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Top-Rated Implant Dentistry Center in Las Vegas

At G4 Implant Solution we provide a permanent bridge for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth with just four titanium implants.
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Through our exclusive technology, specialized process and total dedication to our patients, G4 by Golpa Precision Implant Dentistry brings new hope to all those suffering from chronic dental issues. Our goal is to completely transform every smile we see—and give people the opportunity to live the...

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We have developed this level of technology and expertise for more than 2 decades. The G4 Implant Solution vastly improves on the
All-on-4® treatment concept, which replaces all missing teeth with as few as four implants precisely placed in the upper and/or lower arch of the mouth. Our goal has al...

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Every day, G4 by Golpa restores smiles and transforms people’s lives. That’s why we’re so proud of our dental implant solution. Our patients rediscover themselves in ways that go far beyond a beautiful smile.

Carrie PikeG4 By Golpa Ambassadors
4h ·
In the past few months I've had a ton of questions regarding my service and my dental implants through G4 I am always happy to answer any questions as I have been more than grateful for the amazing service they provided me but I thought this might help ou...

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a year ago
Dr Gulpa and his staff are absolutely amazing. From the first phone call to watching Ryan see his new smile and we both began to cry. It has changed our lives and we are so blessed. Thank you Dr Gulpa, we were married January 1st 2022 and we did it with a big beautiful smile on both our faces. I highly recommend Dr Gulpa and his staff!
- Jacy J
4 months ago
I went to Golpa 4 years ago now and am still very happy with my teeth. Given covid and everything else that has happened I have not checked in for about 2 years but I highly recommend you consider nothing else if your looking for a full set of teeth that will look great forever. There is a small period of discomfort and swelling, followed by some adaption to speaking and holding in saliva, at least for me. But that's nothing compared to the misery of most other implant offerings that take years of absurd pain, refitting, spiraling costs and an outcome that is not at all guaranteed. I have watched countless people use other options and while less expensive at first they ultimately cost far more than Golpa. In 2 days I have nicer teeth than anyone else I know who used literally any other option. Btw, I don't work for Golpa, not related in any way and have not been paid. I'm not sure what happened to my earlier reviews but they were removed. I will add that I wish they were ...
- Del C
6 months ago
It wasn’t hard to find Dr. Golpa because he’s world renown for pioneering the AO4 in two days and making it affordable and accessible to more people. Like many others I researched and after much debate ended up in Las Vegas (hey not a bad place to be stuck). Everything, went smooth and I went back to Orange County, CA. I went back after six months for some adjustments and didn’t allow enough time, so in August when I have my two year visit. The staff is kind and patient. I have anxiety issues and they never lost their cool. I have two friends that are definitely going to become Dr. Golpa patients. I am more confident and I am grateful that Dr. Golpa’s G4 made it possible for me to restore my ability to eat normally and to not hide my teeth. Another thing that surprised me about the G4 total teeth restoration was how over night I seemed to look almost 5-9 years younger. The sunken cheeks were filled in and the teeth definitely helped. Botox had nothing on G4. I guess until ...
- Pamela M

Implant Dentistry in Las Vegas

Dental implants are becoming the restoration of choice to replace missing teeth. But why have they become so popular? Are they reliable? Who is a good candidate for dental implants? Here is everything you need to know about dental implants.

What are dental implants made of?

For a thousand years, people have tried replacing missing teeth with things like shells, stone carvings, animal bones, and metal screws. Unfortunately, most substances are seen as foreign by the body’s immune system.

In the middle of the twentieth century, certain metals were discovered that the body did not reject. Dental implants made from these metals were held in place by screws or wedging into slots in the bone. While they worked better, these implants often became loose or dislodged.

In 1952, a Swedish doctor named P.I. Brånemark placed titanium posts in bone. This metal actually fused to the bone when it healed.

He called this process osseointegration. He went on to create the modern dental implant, with titanium becoming the standard material used.


Endosteal implant

The most common form of dental implant used today is the endosteal implant. Endosteal basically means “in the bone”. These type of implants are placed directly into the bone of the jaw.

Endosteal implants are normally shaped like a post. This mimics a natural tooth root. Wondering are dental implants safe? By fusing to the bone, these types of dental implants have proven to have a very high rate of success and can last a lifetime.

Subperiosteal implant

A subperiosteal implant is a metal framework instead of a post. It is surgically placed under the gums and directly on the bone of your jaw. The frame has several attachments that poke up through your gums and allow a dental bridge to be attached.

With modern 3D imaging, there are few cases where subperiosteal implants are used today. The postoperative pain and failure rate of subperiosteal implants are much higher than endosteal implants.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are surgically placed posts which anchor into the bone of the jaw. Dental crowns or bridges can be solidly attached to these posts. This avoids the movement and decreased chewing ability common with conventional dentures.

The titanium implants actually fuse to the bone itself. Because of this, they can last a lifetime. The restorations placed on the implants look great, feel natural, and function like real teeth.


Given what dental implants cost, replacing each and every tooth in your mouth with individual dental implants could get very expensive. Fortunately, there are alternatives to replacing each tooth individually.

Dentists created a method to utilize just 4-6 implants and attach a bridge. A bridge is a series of connected dental crowns and can be used to create an entire arch of teeth. This considerably reduces the number of implants necessary.

This All-On-Four technique has become a standard procedure but still has its drawbacks. The main drawback is that it still requires multiple surgeries and long healing times before final restorations can be placed.


An alternative to the All-On-Four technique has been developed in recent years, however.

The G4 Implant Solution, developed by Dr. Mike Golpa, greatly improves on the All-On-Four method. It allows a full upper and/or lower set of teeth to be replaced in just one 24 hour period.

We use a custom milled titanium framework made by our in-house laboratories. Over this framework we create a set of beautiful, permanent full arch bridges delivered just one day after surgery.

Golpa Implant Centers are found in multiple cities across the US. We are the only dental implant dentists in the world providing this ground-breaking treatment technique and are today recognized as the new standard in dental implant care.

G4 by Golpa
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